Food - 1Argentine Black Angus

Terrazas Reserva Malbec

Argentine Black Angus
The best wine to match full-bodied Argentine beef?
The answer is just a click away.

Our thanks to the restaurant Le Miroir and cookery school L’Atelier des Sens
for sharing both their kitchens and expertise with us.

Food - 2Food-pairing guide

Food-pairing guide

No rules…Rule no.1 in food and wine pairing is that there are no rules. What matters most is your own taste, and only you can decide what works for you.

A good match lets each component shine without detracting from the others. Sometimes, a particular combination enables all the flavors to add to each other, producing a whole new taste experience. This is called a ‘perfect match’.
A mismatch of food and wine provokes an unpleasant impression on the palate not found when the components are tasted separately.

…but a few suggestionsThere may be no absolute rules in food and wine pairing, but there are a few suggestions to help you avoid a clash of flavors.

1. ColorColor can be a useful guide. Match the dominant shade of a dish with a wine from a broad category (e.g. dry, fruity, sweet or tannic). Think rare steak and deep, tannic red like a young Cabernet Sauvignon. Fish, some cheeses, white and green vegetables go better with a dry white.

2. IntensityIntensity matters. Simple dishes work best with straightforward wines, while complex food often needs more intense, developed wines. Be careful with fiery spices, though, as they can overwhelm the most robust wines and call for something simple and refreshing – perhaps even beer.

3. Flavors & aromasFlavors and aromas can show the way. Sweet wines complement sweet dishes, and fish in lemon goes well with crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. Older red wines with more evolved aromas usually suit game dishes or wild mushrooms.

4. TextureTexture counts. Dry or rough food textures (such as dry goats’ cheese or air-cured meat) leave the mouth dry and demand wines of marked acidity and fruit, rather than layered, tannic wines (such as Cabernet, Merlot or Syrah / Shiraz), which accompany rich, fatty food like stewed or roast meat. Fish in a rich sauce goes best with rich white wine.

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